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Resources / Supply

So where do we get all our wonderful wood and beautiful products from? Well, from one side of Australia to the next!

Western Australia:
We have stayed true to our Western Australian roots, home of some of the world’s most beautiful timbers. Located deep in the southwest, our Auswest Timbers Pemberton and Deanmill facilities work with the beautiful Karri and Jarrah trees. In Manjimup we have a processing centre capable of transforming these trees into high quality, hard wearing products including flooring, decking, furniture grade material and mouldings.

Karri and Jarrah are extremely durable hardwoods with colours ranging from light pinks to a heart of deep reddish browns. Karri trees are one of the world’s tallest hardwood trees. Due to their tall and very straight trunks, Karri and Jarrah are a much sought after source of timber.

Auswest Timbers has a sawmill and processing centre located in Eastern Victoria in the centre of Victoria’s mixed species eucalypt forest. The Orbost Sawmill converts sawlogs into green sawn timber for use in structural work, scantling a tile battens. Hardwoods from the Orbost Sawmill are sent on to the Bairnsdale Processing Centre for kiln drying their state-of-the-art facilities. Once dried this timber is ideal for tongue and groove flooring, decking, fence screening as well as furniture timbers and joinery.

Australian Capital Territory:
The Fyshwick Processing Centre in the A.C.T. is a highly specialised and efficient facility used in the production of Radiata Pine roof tiling battens. These are used in the domestic building industry in the Eastern States.