5 Expert Tips For Installing And Building A Fire Pit At Home


Installing a fire pit will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year long, providing warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere. You can relish the beauty of your outdoor area, even during the colder months, by installing a fire pit. In Perth, where outdoor living is cherished, incorporating outdoor fire pits enhances the overall experience. These fire pits in Perth not only offer practicality in colder weather but also add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor setting. Whether you’re hosting gatherings or simply unwinding after a long day, outdoor fire pits in perth ensure that your outdoor space remains inviting and comfortable.

We are only a few weeks away from the winter and while it has been a mild autumn we have a new chill in the air. This is the perfect weather for a fire pit.”
Matt gives his top tips for what to think about before adding a firepit to your backyard.

1. Consider Where You Will Use The Pit

It’s crucial to consider what you hope to achieve by having a firepit. Are there children that will be toasting marshmallows around the fire pit? Will it be a place for adults to relax and toast marshmallows? Matt says that if your fire pit is a family affair, you should set it up so the kids can run around and play games like hide and seek or lawn games, and even swim in the warmer weather. The adults can relax and watch them while they are playing.
You will want to make sure that your fire pit is large enough to accommodate a pot made of cast iron. Matt explains that the fire pit should be large enough to allow you to keep coals burning beside it so that you can adjust the temperature under the pot.

2. Choose the right spot

You should choose a location that is away from anything flammable, such as trees, plants, fences or fences. Set up your fire far enough from the house so that embers don’t fall into gutters or bushes. Matt recommends having a nearby garden hose/water supply in case it is needed.
You don’t want the smoke to enter your home, or ruin the clean clothes you have on the line. It should be easy to walk around the flames.

3. Remind Yourselves Of Your Neighbours

Although fire pits do not produce a lot of smoke, they will be noticed by your neighbors. Matt recommends setting up the fire pit opposite of where your neighbour’s bedrooms are.

4. Selection Of The Right Material

Matt explains that “if your fire pit will be permanently outdoors, you should invest in something durable that can withstand all weather conditions”. Also, it’s important that the fire pit matches your backyard’s aesthetic. Steel is a strong material, and rusted metal has a weathered appearance.

5. Make sure you have enough space to store wood

You can find stylish storage options for your firewood in retail outlets or garden centres. Or, you can install something permanent. An attractively stacked wood pile can add appeal to your outdoor firepit! We often incorporate storage of wood into our designs, which adds to functionality and ease-of-use of a fireplace”.

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