Small side table


Small side tables (also known as accent tables, tray, console tables or poufs), are an important part of any living room. They can be used as a place to store your phone, book, drink or other small items. Side tables fill in space, no matter how small or large it is. They also frame and anchor the main focal points in the living area – your sofa. Side tables can be used as decorative pieces in the entryway, dining room, or home office. Side tables are functional, too! Finding the right side table for your space can be challenging with all available options. Here are ten ideas for small side tables and how to decorate them!


It can be difficult to choose the right side tables. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many options in stores or online that you need help finding what you are looking for. It’s worth researching before you buy to determine what will look best in your space. We can help!

Side tables should not be too large, too long, or too heavy for your couch. Side tables are meant to complement your couch, so they should be proportionate in size. A side table should be at least one to two inches shorter than the sofa’s arms when it comes to height. Side tables can come in different sizes so make sure you consider square or round tables.

It is important that the style of your side tables matches the rest of the furniture in the room. If you have a traditional leather sofa and a rectangular wooden table for your coffee table, you might want to choose something other than a modern side table. This means some things can be different or matchy-matchy. However, it is essential to not go overboard. You can make a statement with your side table without being too extravagant. Here are ten ways to do it.


Coloured Side Tables – These side tables are great if you have a neutral space and want to add some color without spending a lot of money on new furniture. A colored side table can be a great accent piece to any room.

Neutral-colored Side Tables: To give your side tables a more natural look you can choose from solid wood or marble neutral-colored side tables. Faux wood is also available in a variety of colors, including espresso, black, and white. Marble side tables can either be made from white marble or any other color of marble. They will give your room a Mid-century modern feel.

Mirrored SideTable: Mirrored tables can elevate your space to a new level. Mirrors can also be a great idea for smaller spaces, as they create the illusion of a larger space.

Geometric Side table: Geometric side tables are very trendy and can give your space a modern, funky look without being too extravagant. There are many types of geometric side tables, so you are sure to find the one that suits your needs.

Side tables with storage: Aside tables with storage can help you get rid of clutter in your space. Everybody needs storage, and each little bit counts. Side tables with storage are a great alternative to bulky bookcases or other shelving units. Some side tables have hidden storage options that go beyond the clear drawers.

Side Table with Free Form: Side tables have become popular recently. These tables are usually made from a unique-shaped piece of wood and three to four metal legs. For a unique addition to any room, the wood gives it a rustic look while the metal gives it a modern and exciting feel.

Nesting Side tables: Nesting side table are great for functionality. You can have one, two or three depending on your needs. This is an unmistakable reason why nesting tables are so appealing to the eye. There are many unique shapes for nesting tables, including squares and traditional circles, half-circles and crescents as well as hexagons.

Trunk Side table: This side table can be a great addition for a room decorated in a traditional style. You can add an historical touch to your space with trunk side tables. They always look like they were 100 years ago. Trunks can also be used to store items, which is a win-win in style and function.


With our help, you can find the right side table for your space. Now it is time to decorate it. Side tables shouldn’t be left unadorned. They are a chance to showcase your decorating skills. Decorating side tables can be challenging because you want to place only a little so they don’t have enough space for the things you need, but you also want them to look pretty full. These are some decorating and styling side tables like an interior designer.

Glass Top Tray

A glass top ray can be used on a small side table to organize it. This will allow you to keep your decorative items inside the tray, while keeping your everyday items out.


Side tables are a great place for real and fake flowers. This will give your space a warm, sophisticated feel. You can find a vase that complements the table and decor and use classic flowers such as lilies, hydrangeas, and greenery.

Box decorative:

You don’t have to buy a side table with storage if you choose not to. You can even place a decorative box on the side table to store essential items such as your phone charger, remote control, and light for candles.


These are great accessories for side tables and make an excellent addition to your table. You can find elegant candle holders in various heights to give dimension and depth to your side table display. This will ensure that you have candles to light whenever you need them.


Lamps are not only beautiful but also practical. Lights are essential in every room. Avoid darkness. Side tables can be used to place table lamps to brighten up a room. You can also add interest to your design by adding lamps and shades.

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