6 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Concrete Driveways


Do you want to increase the value of your home while reducing the costs of maintenance? Do you want to extend your driveway’s life and attractive look well into the future?

If so, it’s time to know expert tips to enhance the life of your concrete driveways!

Although it costs the most, concrete is the material that needs the least amount of upkeep. Homeowners want to maintain their asset and keep it in good condition for many years to come.

You only need to devote a few hours of labour per season and adhere to these simple maintenance procedures.

  1. Keep Your Driveway Clean

Cleaning any debris from your concrete driveways in Melbourne on a regular basis is the most crucial step in keeping it presentable. Your drive can be cleaned with mild chemicals or even power washed to get rid of grime and moss growth. Spills of oil, gasoline, or grease need to be cleaned up right once to avoid ugly discolouration. Pressure washing and the use of specific cleaning agents will remove the majority of any stains from discoloured concrete.

  1. Don’t Salt Cement

Surfaces can get penetrated by cement salt and chemical deicers. Both need to be fixed.Snow may be removed with a snowblower or shovel, and surfaces can be made less slick without using salt by using alternatives like kitty litter or alfalfa meal. Consider misting the ice with sugar beetroot juice to melt it; this lowers the melting point of the substance and is thought to work in -20°F conditions.

  1. Ensure You Carry Out Resealing Often

The driveway’s sealant is applied during construction. This sealant needs to be frequently renewed as it ages and wears off. It is recommended to apply this sealant again after a predetermined amount of time. This protects and preserves the concrete driveway. A nearby concrete supplier can offer guidance on the best sealer to use.

  1. Stain Removal

Using a concrete driveway sealer will aid in preventing stain absorption, but that does not imply your driveway is maintenance-free.

If you find that your concrete is starting to turn discoloured, power washing and cleaning agents can usually get rid of the stains. Even while you can do this yourself as a homeowner by renting or buying a machine, it’s a better idea to maintain your driveway with professional power washing, especially if it’s a new concrete driveway. They may next get rid of all the dirt, filth, and mould that has accumulated on the driveway surface.

  1. Handle with Care

Concrete needs to be properly maintained despite being a tough paving material for residential driveway construction. It is not designed to sustain huge automobiles, large work vans, heavy machinery, or major construction equipment, however, it can handle the typical mild, residential driveway traffic. Use caution when using sharp tools to shovel or plough your driveway since the metal blades have the potential to scrape or scratch the surface. 

  1. Park Smart

Concrete can break even though it is a strong material. Avoid placing too much pressure on the driveway’s edges, where the concrete is more delicate. Heavy equipment and construction trucks should be parked as far away from the edge of the driveway as possible.


Follow these tips to make the most of your house by keeping your driveway spotless and well-maintained. It doesn’t just improve kerb appeal; it also lasts longer than indifferent drives.

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