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Furniture designers have worked hard to design furniture that is compact and functional. This is how we came up with the bunk bed and desk. A desk is essential for children when they grow up. Even before that, it’s convenient to have a place where they can draw, write and play video games. Finding space for a bed and a desk is more effortless if you need more.

An answer to your problems is a bunk bed with a desk. The Sleep Advisors have selected the following bunk beds with desks as their top picks.

Top bunk beds with desks

Large apartments and expensive houses mean that people who live in large cities and parents of multiple children are more likely to be faced with the issue of limited space. There are many bunk beds with desks on the UK market. We tested many and chose the five that met our criteria for quality and functionality.

DHP Studio Loft Bunkbed Over Desk and Bookcase

Other models on this list are made from wood or similar materials. DHP Studios Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk And Bookcase is made of metal. This gives the model a modern yet sturdy look. This bed is suitable for older children and adults, as the weight limit is 90kg.

There is a desk on one side, which has one shelf. On the other side are three bookshelves and additional storage space beneath. The bed is extremely safe because of its high edges. However, many customers have complained about the functionality and safety of the ladder.

Happy Beds Pegasus Bunk Bed

This model offers more than just a bunk bed and a desk. This model also has a lot of storage. Happy Beds Pegasus Bunk Bed has a pull-out wardrobe that holds all the child’s clothes.

The desk also has three additional drawers and three shelves. These provide ample space to store books, school supplies, and other items. Additionally, each step has five additional drawers for equipment.

FurnitureByJDM Bunk Bed and Desk

FurnitureByJDM Bunk Bed with Desk is identical to our previous Happy Beds Pegasus Bunk Bed. FurnitureByJDM Bunk bed with desk has the same price tag. It also offers a lot of storage space. This model has more storage than the previous one.

The closet is slightly larger and has twice the number of outside shelves next to the table. It needs storage space behind the stairs. An opening is next to the table, allowing natural sunlight to enter. This is extremely useful.

Happy Beds Venus White Wooden Bunk Bed and End Desk Frame

This model by Venus is great for parents with two children or one who likes hosting slumber parties but needs more space for two beds.

You can see that the manufacturer was more than happy just to put two beds together. This bed is both durable and safe, thanks to its high-reaching sides.

It also has a desk on the side, making it easier to focus than below the bed and shelves above to stack books or decorations. It’s easier to imagine a bunk bed with this feature!

Happy Beds Eclipse White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed

This model can accommodate two beds in a compact area and has ample storage. The storage space is smaller than the other models because it had to hold two beds instead. The shelves, drawers, and pull-out desks make the storage space more significant than we thought.

Solid, sturdy frames are a guarantee of safety and durability. The ladder has wide rungs, which make it very safe. You can get it in white or one of two combinations: gray / oak / white. You can save 10% if you add a mattress immediately.

How to choose a bunk bed with a desk

This section of our guide will discuss the most important aspects when purchasing a bunk bed with a desk. Because these features are universal to all products, not just the bunk bed with desk, they will not be highlighted in detail.


The manufacturer will decide what type of storage is used in the bunk bed with a desk. This can vary significantly from one model to the next. This can include shelves, drawers, closets, drawers, and other pull-out options. This bunk bed provides extra storage space for those with limited space and fewer children.

You can declutter your space with the drawers and shelves. Children will easily find their books and clothes because everything is in one place.

Sliders and ladders

Although all ladders may look similar at first glance, they have much to offer for children in safety and ease of use.

Some models have stairs. While it is the safest and easiest option, it takes up more space. For older children, ladders can be used. You should also pay attention to the rungs. They can have a significant impact on how safe ladders or stairs are.

Mattress included

While some bunk beds include a mattress, most do not. Some companies offer discounts if you purchase a mattress immediately. You should take advantage of this because a mattress will be necessary.

A single-sized mattress is sufficient for 99 percent of cases. Ask the retailer or manufacturer if the weight limit applies to beds. Some mattresses can be cumbersome and can pose a safety risk.

Tips on buying and using a bunk bed with a desk

A reputable manufacturer should make a bunk bed and a desk. You want it to last many years and be safe. It would be best to use every inch of space a bunk bed provides, as this will allow you to maintain a tidy home, even in a cramped space. Do not forget:

Pay close attention to warranty and manufacturer details

Every storage space offered for a bunk bed is worth it

Encourage the child to be careful when climbing or descending and wait until they are awake.

A bunk bed with a desk is a great option

A bunk bed with a desk has many benefits. It is essential furniture for anyone who lives with small children. It isn’t just for people who live in small apartments. Even if you already have enough space, why would they take up more? The bunk bed with a desk and separate wardrobe will give your children more room for play. The best part is that it will teach your child how to tidy up. You will teach your child to organize space and keep things in the same place, making it easy to find what you need next time. These are the three most significant benefits of a bunk bed and desk.

This furniture is multifunctional and will make it easy to live in a small space.

The durability of most bunk beds with desks is excellent, so you won’t need to buy a new one for many years.

They are highly cost-effective.

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