Commercial Rug Cleaning: The Myths and Truths


The most important feature of a beautiful home is its rug. A beautiful rug not only enhances the space’s beauty but also protects it and adds warmth and cosiness. Rugs are your best friend on cold days.

There are many myths and misconceptions about rugs at home and in commercial spaces. Your rug is an investment. Understanding the correct measures is essential if you want your rug to last.

Myth 1: Only carpets older than a year don’t require commercial rug cleaning

The charm of a new carpet won’t disappear in a year. Many people believe in this myth. Rug owners in such circumstances avoid professional rug-cleaning services for up to two years.

Commercial Rug Cleaning is required regardless of whether the rug has been used in a commercial setting. Your rugs can be contaminated by bacteria, dust, and hair from pets. This can lead to the spread of diseases. You should hire professional rug cleaner at least once every six months.

Myth 2: Regular carpet vacuuming does not need to be done

 The vacuuming of rugs is recommended once per week. Rugs can be damaged by dirt, dust, and soil. Carpet damage can be caused by neglecting to vacuum your rug every week.

Rugs can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fleas. Regular vacuuming is essential for pets. These pests can be a problem for your furry friends.

Myth 3: If the Rugs look and smell clean, then it is clean

Fact: With the many patterns and designs found in rugs it can be difficult to tell if they have been cleaned. Rugs can sometimes look dirty or smelly. Rug owners should not hesitate to hire professional rug cleaner services.

Rugs do not have to be dirty or smell bad to be professionally cleaned. No matter how visible your rugs are, bacteria and dust will continue to accumulate inside them. If you want your rugs last for 5-10 years, it is important to have them cleaned at the very least twice per year.

Myth 4: Baking soda is the best carpet cleaner

The use of baking soda can effectively eliminate odours from rugs. Baking soda is not suitable for all rug types. Baking soda can remove odours but will not leave your rug smelling fresh.

Baking soda should not be used for the sole purpose to add freshness to rugs. It is best to get professional help for rug sanitization.

Myth 5: Store-bought Carpet Cleaners give effective results

The Fact: Store-bought cleaners can’t beat the results of specialized cleaning solvents. You could end up damaging your rug by using any type of carpet cleaner to clean it.

Myth 6: Regular rug cleaning is a wasteful investment

The truth is professional rug cleaning can be expensive. Regular professional rug cleaning can help extend the life of your rugs. Rugs can be damaged by dirt and moulds in a short time. They can only be saved if they are properly cleaned and maintained.

Rugs typically last between 5 and 15 years. Rug replacement is necessary if they aren’t maintained regularly. Rug cleaning regularly can save you money on replacement.

Myth 7: Rug steam cleaning leads to mould infestation

The steam cleaning method can be used to clean a wide variety of rugs. This method is very effective at removing dirt, stains and bacteria from the rug’s fibres. It can lead to mould growth if rugs are not properly dried after being steam cleaned.

Many rug owners steam clean their rugs at home, but fail to dry them properly. For rug steam cleaning, it is best to hire the best rug cleaning company. Experts use the best methods to dry and prevent mould growth from rugs.

Myth 8: Anyone can clean the rug at home

The Rug cannot be effectively cleaned at home. Rug damage can be increased by a lack of skills, knowledge, or resources. It is much easier to clean rugs at home than it seems.

Immature rug cleaning can be difficult. It is best to leave this job to the professionals at rug cleaner company. Rug cleaning professionals are certified and trained to clean rugs. This guarantees you the best results.

Myth 9: DIY Rug Cleaning Tips are Better

Fact: DIY techniques should only be used for minor problems. For odour removal or treatment of new spillages, DIY methods can be very useful. Professional rug cleaning is the best option.

Expert rug cleaners employ modern tools, specialized cleaning solvents and years of experience to make your rugs beautiful and clean. You should not fall for rumours and myths about your precious rugs.

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