Concrete Furniture: Why it is Amazing?


Concrete furniture is often referred to as heavy and ugly. It’s not something that people want to see in public places, such as parks or bus stops. Modern concrete furniture is far lighter than traditional furniture and can look just as elegant. Concrete is an excellent material for concrete top dining table. But did you know that there are many reasons concrete is so great? These are reasons concrete is a great material for furniture.

1. Concrete can last a long time, possibly thousands of years, just like the Roman concrete structures. Concrete is strong and can hold hundreds of pounds. It resists scratches and gouges and is extremely heat- and cold resistant. Concrete will not warp. However, it can develop non-structural cracks that enhance the beauty and character of the piece. Although edges and corners can be chipped, this is usually caused by a heavy object striking the table or being dropped on the table.

2. Modern sealers make concrete stain-resistant. Even if the concrete is stained, it will usually disappear. This is especially true if the concrete is exposed to the sun. However, many concrete sealers are highly UV-resistant, so the sun doesn’t damage the concrete or cause yellowing. A few minutes of waxing the table with concrete floor wax or beeswax (not automotive wax) will protect the sealer and prolong the stain resistance for many decades. The table can also be resealed in the future if necessary. Your table may not require resealing for many decades if you avoid letting acidic substances sit on it for long periods.

Our sealer is a penetrating densifier. This means it hardens concrete and makes it less porous, so liquids can’t penetrate it. Because it changes the concrete’s chemistry, the sealer will not flake off and will not alter the concrete’s appearance.

3 Tables can be refinished and fixed more quickly than other materials. Re-polishing a table can help to revive it if there is a stain, scratch, or general neglect. You can fill in chips and have them almost completely or partially repaired. This is possible with little to no concrete experience. The worst-case scenario is when the entire table is stained with colour. This can give it a new look without covering up any cement damage. Colour stains that are already applied can be reapplied or touched up. Refinishing other materials, such as acrylic and glass, cannot be easy.

4. Tables can be moved from indoor to outdoor without a sealer. Concrete does not change in appearance like wood. Concrete doesn’t react to extreme weather conditions like UV, heat, humidity, cold, or freeze-thaw cycles. Neither will the strongest winds blow over tables.

5 No off-gassing of odours. Non-toxic food was safe. It is easy to clean with soap and water. Concrete emits very little, or none of the VOCs found in softer materials. Concrete also doesn’t retain dust. Concrete is also not flammable to add another item.

6. It is not so heavy. Hollow concrete can allow for tables of different sizes and shapes that are much heavier than those made from steel or wood. It is also stronger than tables made from lighter materials such as ceramic or plastic. Concrete with GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) gives it a solid weight that isn’t too heavy but still feels strong.

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