The Best Places to Set Up a Playset in Your Backyard


A playset in your Backyard will provide your kids with many years of outdoor fun. You can’t just buy a set and be done with it.

It is important to plan where you want the playset installed in your Backyard. Here are the top five places in your Backyard where you can install a safe, functional playset for your family.

Viewing the Backyard from near the Back window

Your children may be old enough to enjoy playing together without constant supervision. You can place the playset in front of your kitchen or dining area window. You can then watch the children play.

The playset should be placed far enough from the window to prevent it from falling and damaging your home in the event of torrential rain. Do not place it too far from the window so that your view is blocked from inside while the children are outside playing.

The Flattest Ground in Your Backyard

Installers of playsets recommend that homeowners place their playsets on the flattest possible ground in their Backyard. It is important to level your slopes if you have a lot of slopes in the Backyard for optimum playset installation.

You’ll want to know more about leveling a yard to fit a backyard playset before you can decide where to place it. This will ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

It is important to follow this step in order to build a playset that will be safe for your children.

If there is bad weather, building on a slope can be dangerous. Installing the playset on level ground ensures that it will remain stable, even in torrential wind.

In an Area with So Much Open Space

Before climbing up on the swing set, make sure that your child has enough space to play, run, and jump. Choose an area of your Backyard with plenty of open space.

This option allows for optimal playtime, and you can also add it to the set in the future.

Imagine a rock climbing wall or new swings in your local park. You might not already have a rock climbing set in your Backyard, but decide to add one.

You will not be able to expand the set if you only place it in a location that is suited for that particular structure.

Shade Where There Is Enough During Spring and Summer

Over the weekend, check the Backyard to see if there are enough trees for shade during spring and summer. You don’t want your children to get too hot while playing on the playground equipment.

Some sunlight on a playset, however, is not necessarily bad. As your children play outdoors, the sun provides them with natural Vitamin D. This helps to maintain calcium for strong bones as well as phosphorus and muscle for nerve and muscle functioning.

Check the temperature outside before you play. It is best to take your children out in late spring and early summer before the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. This is usually around midday.

A Place where There are No Obstacles

Installing a playset is important because it will ensure that your children can have a safe and enjoyable time on the structure.

Remove obstacles to ensure the safety of your kids while they play. Before installing your new playground, remove these types of items from your yard:

You will need to dig a hole where you intend to build your playset.

Long tree branches and large trees

Garden beds

The yard can be adorned with small or large stones.

Fencing around the yard

Backyard sheds

Backyard decks

Even after installation, it is important to remove any safety obstacles before your child can play on the set.

After a heavy rainstorm, you can remove tree branches and rocks that fall within your children’s play area from your yard.


What kind of playset do you want to build for your Backyard? You may have a family member who is a DIYer, but you might also hire a professional to install it. Please tell us what you think in the comments!

We appreciate DIYers with a good toolbox, but we recommend you always seek professional help when installing a playground.

Installers have years of experience and are professionals. It’s better to hire a professional.

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