5 Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best House Cleaning Service


Before you hire a house cleaner…

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when searching for the best home cleaning service.

It can take days to sort through all the websites and get quotes. Talking with each provider may even take weeks.

You may still not know if you are getting the best out of your money.

We’ve put together 5 insider tips to help you choose a house cleaning service.

Learn what to look out for in a reliable house cleaning north shore service and when to book. Also, how to save money on your cleaning services.

This is a must-read guide if you are looking for a housecleaning service or have never booked one.

The Scope is Less

Determine what needs to be cleaned in your home

What are you actually looking for help with?

It’s crucial to make a list of what you want cleaned. Not all cleaning companies offer the same services. Some do laundry, make beds and wash dishes. It is important to understand what you require before you book, and ensure that the company you hire can do those tasks.

Don’t assume any. It’s worse than expecting laundry to be folded when you get home.

If you have a limited budget, you can customize your cleaning by deciding what you need.

Perhaps you only need help in the bathrooms and kitchen. You can book cleanings only for certain areas of your home with some cleaning services. This is usually the kitchen and bathrooms, which are the most difficult parts to clean. They can also dust and clean other surfaces.

This is not the case with all cleaning services. Scrubbi, for example, charges a flat fee based on the size and number of rooms in your home. However we also consider the scope of Move Out cleanings.

If you are looking for just a little help, and not a thorough clean, this option is available.

You can also reduce the number appointments per month. You might be able to get by with bi-weekly appointments instead of weekly appointments. Even if you don’t have children, monthly visits may be acceptable – although some adults are more messy than others.

The more appointments you make, the better

Frequency matters

Do you need a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly cleaning? Maybe you just need a once-off clean to move out. You should really think about how often you require house cleaning. Perhaps bi-weekly cleanings are more feasible than weekly.

Keep in mind, however, that the more frequently you make appointments, the cost per visit will be lower.

Bi-weekly cleanings, for example, will cost less per visit than monthly visits and sometimes only a few more dollars per month. If you aren’t using your services as often as you would like, you could try going once a week and then changing the frequency to suit your needs.

One-time cleanings, such as moves outs, will usually cost more per visit due to the amount of work involved and the fact that it is not an ongoing service.

Check out reviews and ask friends for recommendations

Asking your friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations can save you a lot. This is one of the key reasons Scrubbi grew in the way it did.

You may also get a referral credit if you use a cleaning company that was recommended to you. Both of you will benefit.

You can find out what you are getting into by reading customer reviews about companies if you don’t know anyone or don’t want to ask.

You can look them up on Google and Yelp.

Walk-throughs and flat rates

Flat Rate is Better

Do you know the jaw-dropping cleaning price that is $100 lower than others?

It sounds great, but it is important to verify that it is a flat rate.

It’s possible that it isn’t and that they have grossly underestimated the job.

This is why you might end up paying $350 for something you thought was $170.

You won’t know the efficiency or effort of maids before you hire them. A flat rate is better because you can be sure you are paying the correct amount and you won’t be surprised when you get the final bill.

Take a look at

We can’t stress this enough.

After the cleaning is complete, take the time to walk through the house with the cleaner.

This allows you to check if there was anything missing or if there is an area that needs some extra attention.

It’s almost impossible to get cleaners to return the same day after they have left. Make sure everything is in order before they leave.

If you are unable to be there at the scheduled time, ensure that you do a walk-through. Cleaning companies with a good reputation usually offer a cleaning service guarantee, but you must notify them within 24 hours if there are any issues.

You Want A Better Cleaning Experience

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. These differences can lead to vast differences in your experience.

We use technology to improve customer service, from scheduling and appointment reminders to online customer support chat.

We are also upfront about the cost and won’t try to sell you extra cleaning services or make you pay more for time.


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