How to clean tiles well to prevent Coronavirus


It has turned the world upside down. It has had a profound impact on our lives as well as the lives of our family members. We all practice social distancing during this difficult time and lock down our homes. You all know that maintaining social distancing is important, but it is equally important to keep your home and surroundings clean. This is a good rule of thumb, but it can be difficult to maintain basic hygiene during a crisis. We must take extra care of our homes and ourselves to avoid this virus. These are some tips to help you clean ceramic tiles and prevent Coronavirus from spreading to your home. These tips will help you clean ceramic tiles so that Coronavirus does not stay in your home.

Simple methods to remove stain from kitchen tiles

Stains and molds can still appear no matter how many times you clean them off your tiles. This is because different types of bacteria are responsible. sort of a”>sort of a rise in temperature, causing humidity and moisture that bacteria thrives off, or food and drink spillages that leave behind microbes on ceramic floors and countertops. It is almost impossible to stop bacteria from getting into contact with ceramics.

How to avoid staining ceramic tiles in the kitchen To prevent food and drink spillages from settling, clean up as soon as possible.

Mix half a cup vinegar and a gallon water to remove stains or molds. Then, continue mopping the floor as normal. the ground”>the ground with warm water after you’ve cleaned the stain the expansion of stain and mold-causing microbes on their surface. This technology is applied at the time of manufacturing and can’t be washed or wiped off. and designs”>and designs of antimicrobial protected ceramic tiles from various manufacturing brands. Your ceramic tiles will stay clean for longer periods of time because the technology inhibits the growth of mold-causing microbes and stain-causing microbes.

Daily disinfection Sprays 

You should think beyond wiping down countertops and tables. Include daily cleaning of light switches, doorknobs and remotes, phones, appliances & cabinets handles, desks and toilets. to hide”>to hide any surface in your home within the warmest appropriate water setting they need had contact with and discard them after each use. Disinfect any clothing hampers that contain clothing from someone who is ill. You may also consider using a disposable liner.

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