These are the 7 Most Common Mistakes When Choosing Floor Tiles


It is not easy to get your home flooring just right. If you are not careful, there are many mistakes that can be made when choosing floor tiles. We will highlight the 7 most common mistakes you should avoid when choosing the right floor tiles for your home.

1. Don’t be afraid to follow the latest trends

People are drawn to the latest trends and love to try new things in their homes. It is okay to experiment with new patterns. However, it is important to keep the lines between modern and traditional so that your tiles don’t look out of date.

2. Stay committed to one

It is better to keep one or two patterns in mind than trying to combine many patterns. To create the perfect look, you could use a couple of related colors if you choose beige tile color.

3. Be careful when using new materials

You should research new materials before you start a home renovation. You should make sure they match the decor in your home. Reclaimed timbre, which gives the home a rustic feel that makes it more inviting and romantic, is very much in fashion.

4. If you are able to carry it well, go with contrast colours

People often choose monochrome coloured vitrified tiles to decorate their floors and walls. Contrasting colours are the latest trend. You can also use darker shades or tones of wood that imitate tiles, even if your walls have bright colours. To make a statement, you can pair rose-pink walls and dark wooden flooring.

5. Try it!

A lot of homeowners don’t want to compromise the look of their flooring so they stick to the straight and narrow. It is okay to experiment with new materials in this day and age. You can either choose unique-shaped tiles or beautiful colours.

6. Use the same colour tiles

Contrasting floor tiles are very popular, but it’s okay to use the same tiles in some spaces such as the bathroom. To give the bathroom a modern look, continue using the same combination of verdant green colour glazed vitrified tile tiles in charcoal grey.

7. Do not rush with installation

Let me offer some advice. People are often in a rush to get the tiles installed. Installing a new floor is a tedious task. It can take up to 4-5 days before furniture is installed. To get the right flooring, patience is key.

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