How to Prep a House for Painting: Exterior House Painting Tips


Are you considering painting your home’s exterior? Perhaps the exterior paint on your home is getting a bit worn. Or maybe you are planning to sell the property. No matter the reason, exterior painting is a task that requires extensive preparation.

These tips and tricks can help you get a great job done by yourself if you are considering painting your home.

Safety First

Safety You’ll need the correct tools for painting, including a ladder, shoes and level ground.

If you are not familiar with heights or feel unsafe painting, You might want to leave the job to professionals.

Lead Paint Hazards

When undertaking home renovations, it is important to be aware and prepared for any potential hazards. Houses in Australia that were built before 1970 used lead-based paint for their exteriors. It was very durable. If you suspect that your house may have lead paint, do your research and consult professionals.

Verify the Quality of Exterior House Paint

Remove any peeling or damaged paint by using masking tap. You might have to sand off the old paint before applying a new coat. Lack of adhesion will result in paint peeling off.

You should check the exterior for cracks or holes before applying new paint. To repair cracks or other damage, you can use a high quality filler. Next, sand all surfaces with medium-coarse paper to achieve a smooth and even paint surface.

Make sure your house is clean before you start

Properly cleaning the exterior surfaces of your house before you begin is one of the most important things that you can do in preparation for exterior painting.

Adhesion problems can be caused by dirt, mould, and other contaminants that remain on surfaces after they are painted. Make sure you use a high-pressure pressure power washer, not a standard garden hose. The latter does not have the power necessary to remove dirt and other contaminants. For stubborn spots of dirt or paint, you may need a scrubbrush.

Before you start painting, make sure to check the weather forecast.

Weather can be a major factor in preventing you from painting outside. Check the weather forecast before you start painting the exterior of your house.

To give paint time to dry and adhere, it is best to have fine weather for several days.

Exterior painting is not recommended when it rains. Your hard work will be washed away. Extreme heat can make it almost as difficult to work in as the rain.

While heat can be uncomfortable physically, it can cause paint to dry too quickly. This can make it hard to apply a uniform coat of paint and can lead to you using more paint than you intended. High winds can cause paint to dry too quickly. It can also blow away drop cloths and cause other debris to get stuck in the paint.

Choose the right paint and primer

A DIY painting project can be made or broken by your choice in paint color, and the primer you use. Take a moment outside to take in the beauty of the home before you begin to prepare to paint it.

Are you looking to blend the color with your surroundings or to make a bold statement?

What primers and paint will you need?

What are the best materials to paint with? What materials are needed to paint?

The wrong primer or paint can lead to costly mistakes and even devaluation of your home.

Use high-quality masking tape to cover windows and trim

Painter’s tape is a great tool to have on hand when you are preparing your exterior for painting. To avoid sticky residue sticking to windows and surfaces, make sure you only use high-quality tape.

When to Call the Pros

It’s obvious that exterior house paint can be difficult. Make sure you set realistic expectations about what you can do and call in professionals if the task seems too difficult. You can relax knowing the job will be completed professionally, quickly, and safely. Your home will look amazing!

You now know how to prepare your house for exterior painting

Proper preparation makes every DIY project easier. House Painting Auckland is no exception. This list contains some helpful tips to help you get started if you have decided to give your home an aesthetic makeover. You’ll be able to get a high-quality paint job that lasts until you are satisfied with your home.


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