Bathroom tiles ideas


If you have a small bathroom but want to make an impact, our small bathroom tile ideas are a great option.

You can’t have too many bathroom splashes, but tiles are essential to any space. We have many bathroom design ideas to help you.

Bathrooms in high-end hotels and restaurants can be great places to find creative and unusual tiling designs. Even the most modest bathroom tiles can swoon and inspire you to create a similar look in your home.

Although there aren’t any tiles specifically designed for small bathrooms, there are many ways tiles can be used to maximize space in a small area. You will need to choose carefully to create your unique style. The bathroom trend is a significant influencer in the tile industry. You should also choose a design that you will not grow tired of.

Ideas for small bathroom tiles

Get inspiration and expert advice for your next bathroom project. We offer bathroom and bathroom tile ideas to help you create a beautiful space.

Use Neutral Textures To Create A Calm Space

One of the tricks to increase space in small bathrooms is using white bathroom tiles. You will create a dull space if you only use white. Use tiles or other materials to create texture.

Angus Reid, the interior designer at Angus Reid Projects, says that he wanted the bathroom to be calm and peaceful. We used various materials, including glossy terrazzo floor tiles, clubby French line blinds, a raw oak milking stool, and a fantastic photograph of a turbulent ocean. Combining these textures and the soothing palette makes for an inviting space where it is easy to relax and unwind.

Use floor tiles for small bathrooms to be bold

Monochrome schemes are timeless, but this scheme has been updated with contemporary fittings by Vipp (opens in a new tab). This includes a wall-hung vanity unit in powder-coated stainless steel and rubber-plated handles. A black floor with tiles by Madea Mano (opens in a new tab) provides a sharp contrast.

You can create zones with small bathroom tiles

Pernille Lind, the interior designer at Pernille Lind Studio, says, “We wanted to give the ensuite boldness and character, so we created a graphic marble mosaic.” It creates an elegant yet strong effect. The black marble border contrasts with the lighter timber flooring in the bedroom.

Tumbled Blocks mosaic tiles are made from three types of Greek marble: Thassos white, Kavala Grey, and Edessa black. It is available on net sheets measuring 11 13/16 x11.13/16 inches (30 x 30 cm) and designed for easy installation by Pernille Lind Studio.

Add A Modern Penny Tile

The most effective small bathroom tile designs are subtle. This room design features a rectangular shape and an off-white Kasama glazed ceramic porcelain mosaic tile from Claybrook (opens in a new tab). It adds architectural interest as well as a subtle contemporary detail. The contrast between the smooth wall and clay brook’s Caffeine Boost emulsion gives them a more textured look.

You can use one-tone tiles in different formats

These bathroom tile ideas are perfect for those with small bathrooms. The shower is warm and inviting due to using the same neutral colors in the tiles. Different formats are used to add interest as well as sophisticated detail.

The natural stone Keystone Cirrus wall tiles can be teamed with Parramore Faring Field custom mosaic on the back wall. Keystone Thassos marmalade mosaic on the floor and ceiling enhance the cocooning effect. All products by Waterworks (opens in new window).

Bold and colorful small bathroom tile ideas

A wet room is an excellent solution for small spaces. The shower screen can be removed, and the room will remain visible. Wet room ideas need serious tanking. This can lead to tile overload.

This Moroccan-inspired wetroom features water-resistant polish plaster color-matched with emerald-green encaustic tiles to create an inviting, cozy effect.

‘We used tiles only where necessary to protect walls and floors that come into direct contact with water,’ Malcolm Abela Sciberras (opens in new tab), interior designer at Rebirth at Cuschieri Architects.

Make optical illusions

To create the illusion of more space, you can raise bathroom tiles to the walls or, in this case, the tub panel.

Day True (opens in new tab) has intentionally mismatched the tile’s direction to conceal the point where vertical meets horizontal and make the bathroom seem longer.

Make sure the tiles you choose are compatible with wall and floor use. Some tiles need to be lighter to be glued to vertical surfaces. Wall tiles might crack beneath the foot.

Take a look at a whole new shape

Regarding tiles making a statement, the shape can be just as effective as a pattern. While hexagons and fish-scale-shaped tiles remain popular tile trends, circular mosaics are timeless and in style.

“Penny tiles” are small and sweet and give a new twist to square mosaics. They also retain the same luxurious look that mosaics will always have, says Hamish Smith (opens in new window).

“They look great when positioned in a recess next to the tub or shower, but for maximum impact in small bathrooms, use a stunning accent wall and go floor-to-ceiling.

Change your direction

Marble bathroom ideas can make a significant impact in a small space. David Collins Studio chose a classic book-matched pattern for this sophisticated ensuite design.

Associate director Siobhan Kelly says that it works like a trompe-l’oeil to make the space seem larger.

To add variation and enhance the delicate characteristics of the natural stone, the mother-of-pearl mosaics were placed around the vanity area. Vertical veining can give a room a more expansive feel, but horizontal veining gives it a more spacious feel.

Do a dry run whenever possible. Lay the tiles to determine the best natural vein connections. Number each tile before you install it.

Keep it Clear

Small bathroom ideas will look more significant if there is more flooring. Spanish interior designer Miriam Barrio (opens in new tab) draws attention to the floor with bold geometric tiles in a neutral scheme.

Emma Joyce, brand manager for Victoria+ Albert Baths (opens in new window): “Wall-hung toilets and vanity cabinets are enormously effective in opening floor space to pave the way for eye-catching tile designs,” she says. A freestanding bathtub is also an option. The flooring and daylight flow underneath, unlike built-in tubs.

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