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It is no secret that I love my plant. Everything from pilea figs to pothoslarge fiddle-leaf figs, and everything in between. Many people ask me where to put all of them. Today, my friends, I have ten indoor plants stand ideas to help you.

Over 50 plants are scattered around my house, so I had to find a few places to keep them. They are on windowsills and built-in shelves. We also have dressers, wall hanging, and plant stands.

Plant stands are great for keeping your plants in the right place for their light needs. For our low-light plants, we have #2 in our bedroom. #1 is before a large patio door, allowing more light for our monstera plant.

Moving your plant stands around is handy for getting the right light for your plants!

Hanging plants are a great way to add plants to your home. You should only purchase hardy plants without drainage holes. This will cause damage to your walls.

You can also remove the pot from the wall and water it. After it drains, you can put it back.

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Here are my ten favorite plant stands, or 8 + 2 hanging ones.

Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

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This pot/plant stand is for our Monstera. It’s one of my favorites! It is important to remember that the pot and stand are two separate pieces, so be careful when moving them.

The bottom was covered with felt furniture pads so that it could be slid across the floor when it needed to be cleaned or given more/less light.

The drainage hole in this pot is not necessary. For our small fiddle leaves, we also purchased a like one!

Amazon also has a similar modern stand for plants that I like! This pot comes in different sizes, and you can buy the frame separately to match a pool that you already have.

3 Tier Plant Stand

This is an excellent option for small rooms and nooks. You can display a variety of plants with just one stand.

This 3 Tier plant stand has been an excellent addition to our home. It was in the hallway between our children’s rooms in our previous home.

It’s now in our bedroom in our new home. This is a cute and easy way to display different plants.

It’s an Ikea plant stand, so it takes work to assemble. Or maybe it’s me! I could improve at putting together furniture. It’s been there for years, and it has survived a move.

Macrame Plant Holder

These macrame plant holders are in our bedroom. They were a gift from my mom for my birthday.

These were easy to hang. I love hanging plants! These are great for pothos plants, as pothos turn very well. You can use them for any kind of plant, including vine-style plants.

Indoor hanging plant stands are a great way to have more plants in your home without taking up too much space. You can also find a tutorial on making a macrame plant stand. If you’re interested in making your own, check it out!

Brass Planter with Stand

This black and gold plant stand is my favorite! This modern design will add glamour to any room of your home.

This simple metal plant stand works well for all kinds of plants. It is tall enough to place under a window for plants that require a lot of sunlight, but it’s easy enough to move about if necessary.

This Target plant stand is ideal for those who love glamour!

Athena 3-Tier Stand

This marble-and-gold plant stand is an excellent upgrade to my IKEA model. My favorites are multi-tiered plant stands, which allow you to mix and match pots, plants, etc.

Each shelf can be used for plants, but only some of them! You can use them as bookshelves or picture frames. There are so many options!

Gracie Oaks Taranto Mulli – Tiered Plant Stand

This multi-tiered, multi-tiered stand is excellent for those awkward spots in your house that need some TLC but need help figuring out what to do. Each shelf can be used for plants, but only some of them.

The top shelf is ideal for vine-style plants such as pothos or spider plants, while the bottom shelves are great for plants such as snakes or ZZ plants.

This multi-tier indoor plant stand is endless in its possibilities!

Multi-Layer Upright Stand

This multi-layered plant stand is my favorite. You can get one of the three sizes or all three.

This is my favorite way to combine tall plants with drooping ones.

Black + Wood Standing Planters

These mid-century wood plant stands with black pots are similar to the ones I shared initially. They are elegant and would add an extra dimension to any room.

White Hanging Planter

Hanging is an excellent option if you have limited floor space. Its simple design makes this cute Athens white depending potter look great in any room.

You can put a long viney or tall plant in to show off its beauty. It doesn’t matter what you put inside; it will make a statement.

Utility Rolling Cart 3-Tier

A simple metal bar cart is the last! This isn’t just for plants; we also have one for Roy’s books. But it’s great for all your plant friends! It’s easy to move the cart around to ensure your plants get enough light or water. You can also mix and match plants easily!

There you have it! Ten beautiful, simple indoor plant stands will showcase your growing collection. Which is your favorite?

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