Seven Wedding Venue Decorating Ideas and Tips to Follow


Weddings are very individual. You should be able to express your style, taste, and preferences through your decorations, themes, and styles. This will make your wedding intimate and unique.

You can create a memorable atmosphere for your guests and yourself by following these seven tips.

Do Your Research

You may be tempted by the idea of buying whatever you see or like for your wedding. However, this is not always the best option.

Before you start decorating, decide where you want to say your vows.

You will be happier in the end if you do a thorough search and consider your decor goals. Use the many online resources available to inspire you.

Set Your Budget for Styling

One way to stay within your budget is to decide how useful the decorations are. Most of the time, you won’t use these items again.

Renting vases, tableware, and lanterns can be an excellent way to reduce your expenses. Since you will only use the decorations once, it is better to rent them than buy them.

String Lights

Lighting is an important detail for every wedding as it highlights your venue. If you’re looking to create a romantic ambiance, consider hanging string lights from the ceilings in your reception area. Hanging lights from branches and trees can create a whimsical atmosphere for an outdoor wedding. String lights are a great way to transform your space. They can be used with tealights, votive candles, or neon signs.

Rent them locally or make them yourself with friends and family.

Consider hanging paper lanterns in the wedding space to create a fairytale atmosphere.

Use Mirrors

Designers use mirrors to create certain effects in the spaces they decorate.

Mirrors can make any space appear larger and more sophisticated. Mirrors don’t just reflect images; they also reflect lights and candles. Use them in any size to give your wedding decor a unique touch.

Make it Personal

Use your favorite photos with your partner to decorate the wedding venue. Your wedding will look more unique, and guests will enjoy looking at the pictures.

Use them to decorate your wedding photo invitations, centerpiece, and cake. You can also add some by the wedding flowers or in the guestbook.

Decorating your venue with a memory lane, where old photos of your partner and you will be displayed, is another great idea.

Creative Backdrops

You can be sure that your guests will post photos of the wedding on social media. Consider a decoration for your wedding that also serves as a backdrop. Find something that is important to you both as a couple. You could use a picture of your first date or a pet. You can create a wall with flowers or have your guests print their handprints onto a large canvas. All of these can be used as decor, a souvenir, or a background for social media.

Decorate the Bathrooms

Bathrooms can make your wedding venue look more welcoming and change the atmosphere.

Add some decorative details to your home.

You can add “hospitality hampers” to the bathrooms, which you can fill with things your guests might need.

What you can put in the baskets is up to you.

Mints and gum

Toothpicks and Floss



Hair Pins and Ties

Perfumes or body spray

Hand Cream

Hair Gel or Spray

Consider placing a small note or sign next to the basket.

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