The Best Office Cleaning Checklist


You want your office to be clean and neat so that it is productive. It is important to create a positive and productive work environment that encourages employees and keeps them motivated.

You can do this by scheduling regular office cleanings. You can either hire professionals or have your team tackle the office cleaning. This office cleaning checklist will help you plan your cleaning schedule. This office cleaning checklist is the best. It includes information about cleaning each item and details about when they should be cleaned.

Checklist for Cleaning Office Desks and Cubicles

Take the following steps to ensure that the areas where people work are tidy and well-organized: cubicles, desks, shared work tables and cubicles

  • Clean your computer screens and remove dust from keyboards
  • You can recycle paper and empty your trash cans.
  • Vacuum the floors around and underneath tables and desks.
  • Clear the windows of offices.
  • Disinfect all surfaces touched by people: phones, computers, keyboards and fax machines. Copiers, staplers and other devices.
  • Dust shelves and desks.

Checklist For Cleaning For Office Kitchens And Break Rooms

A lot of work goes on in the kitchen and break rooms of an office. Here are some tips to keep your kitchen and break room clean.

  • Food wrappers, unwanted food, expired perishables, and other food waste should be thrown away.
  • Put away dirty dishes and utensils.
  • Recycle and empty trash
  • Get rid of any food that has been stored in the fridge. Clean the fridge’s surfaces.
  • Get rid of any coffee grinds and clean the coffee pot.
  • Make sure surfaces where people eat or prepare food are clean and disinfected, such as the counters and tables.
  • Use clean appliances such as the microwave or toaster.
  • Make sure water cooler is stocked with water.

Checklist for Cleaning Office Waiting and Reception Areas

You want your front area to be welcoming guests. These are the steps to take in order to clean your office.

  • Make sure you clean up and set up a welcome desk.
  • Dust the waiting room tables, hard surfaces and desks.
  • Clear out all trash and recycle bins
  • Refill water cups at the water cooler, and ensure that guests have water.
  • Organise magazines and books that visitors have left behind to be read.
  • If you have common coffee in your lobby, clean it out and filter it.
  • Make sure to clean and dust all windows and company signs.
  • People touch surfaces that are susceptible to infection, such as phones, lamps, call buttons, bells, TV screens and other devices.
  • You should clean your waiting area and common areas in your office at minimum once every 3-4 months.

Checklist for Cleaning Office Bathrooms

Bathrooms need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Here are some tips to keep your bathroom safe, clean, and sanitary.

  • Make sure to clean and disinfect the toilets.
  • Make sure to clean and disinfect the sinks
  • Clean the floor and then wipe it clean with disinfectant.
  • Disinfect all surfaces that are hard to reach.
  • You can replace empty rolls of toilet paper and towel rolls.
  • Use glass cleaner to clean the mirror.
  • Make sure all hand dryers are turned on. If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, call a technician or maintenance specialist.

Checklist for Cleaning the Area Outside Your Office

Make sure to wash the exterior of your office. Your office’s exterior is a great place to start. Make sure to clean up the exterior of your office.

  • Take care of any branches or leaves that may be on the sidewalk near your front door.
  • Make sure that welcome mats are properly cleaned and placed.
  • Make sure your glass doors and windows are clean and spotless.
  • To avoid pests and odors, empty your outdoor trashcans.
  • Remove branches and bushes that are in the way of sidewalks, walwkays or doors.
  • You should ensure that there are no obstructions such as branches or snow piles in your parking lot. This will make it easier for people to park or walk.
  • The Best Office Cleaning Solution: Hiring Professionals to Help

It is essential that you have the right equipment and supplies to use your office. However, it is equally important that the space feels clean and well-maintained. To ensure you are on top of all things, you can either use the best office cleaning checklist or hire a professional commercial cleaner like Stratus Building Solutions. Our team of janitorial services experts will ensure that your office is spotless and create a great work environment.

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