Why Planning Is Key To Kitchen Remodel Success


Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to make your home more functional. The kitchen is transformed into a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable place for family breakfasts, homework, and to share wonderful memories and meals with loved ones.

Once you have decided to remodel your kitchen, it is time to plan. What kind of planning is necessary to make a kitchen remodel a success? Choice Cabinet offers some ideas and tips to help you get started.

How long should you spend on planning your kitchen remodel?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that you spend at least six months planning. This may seem like a lot, but it’s not.

  • Avoids the need for random design changes, which could increase remodeling costs.
  • This guide will help you plan your renovation budget
  • This allows you to create an alternate cooking space while your kitchen remodel is underway
  • This makes renovations more efficient
  • This allows you to plan for additional expenses such as new kitchen furniture or equipment
  • Let’s discuss the best time for your renovation
  • This allows you to shop around for great prices on your remodel

The process of reorganizing your kitchen will be easier if you take more time to plan it. This helps to avoid stress and allows you to have backup plans in case of unexpected events.

Consider the benefits. Six months isn’t too long to make sure everything goes smoothly during your kitchen remodel.

Essential Planning Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done? We have compiled a list of the most important things to include in your remodel plan.

Measure your kitchen.

You can ensure that everything is in the right place by measuring your walkways, doors, counters, and other areas.

Learn how to identify your ideal traffic patterns.

Consider the traffic flow to ensure a safe and efficient kitchen flow. Work aisles should be at least 42 inches in width. You should make sure that the work aisle is at least 48 inches in width if there are more cooks in your house.

Prioritize ergonomics.

Consider adding features to make your kitchen more user-friendly and more accessible. Consider lazy Susans, pull-out shelves and drawers in base cabinets. A wall oven is better than a range or an adjustable counter height.

Be open to the unexpected when planning your renovations.

Do you want your new kitchen completed in time for Thanksgiving? You can expect everything to be completed by Halloween. There will be issues during large projects such as a kitchen remodel. You can take those unexpected hiccups in your stride and still ensure that everything goes according plan.

Choose your materials, fixtures and other materials prior to starting the project.

You can choose the fixtures, furniture, colors, and other elements of your kitchen in advance. This reduces backorders and gives you the ability to set realistic budgets.

Consider consulting a professional designer if you are planning major kitchen renovations.

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Kitchen Remodeling

Another important aspect of planning your kitchen remodel carefully is avoiding costly remodeling mistakes.

On average, homeowners spend 25.112 to remodel their kitchens. The final cost will depend on how big the space is, what layout you choose, quality of materials, and many other factors. For small kitchens, minor renovations such as painting walls or refacing cabinets can cost between $10, 000 and $15, 000.

You want to avoid mistakes that could cause problems and make you spend more than you intended. Here are some common mistakes in remodeling that can be avoided with good planning.

  • Inadequate consideration of the kitchen workflow

The sink, stove, or refrigerator are the three most important areas in any kitchen. This is a common error, especially when DIY renovations are involved. To make a better workflow, arrange them in triangles.

  • Selecting Appliances

Appliances should be able to fit between your kitchen cabinets. You will need to measure the space so that you can decide on your storage and appliance layout. This part of your remodel should be included in your project timeline.

  • Change Your Mind Too Many

Don’t tell your contractor to begin until you are completely satisfied with the remodel plan. You can’t change your mind during construction, which can lead to frustration, unanticipated expenses, and delays. You should allow yourself plenty of time to plan and explore the options.

  • Forgetting about the Details

Many homeowners get too involved in choosing colors for their kitchens, flooring, countertops and appliances. It is easy to overlook the important details of your kitchen, such as cabinet pulls or tile backsplash. You can avoid this by using your planning time to review every aspect of the kitchen.

Quick Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

We’re finally sharing some tried-and-true tips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Set up a kitchen triangle that includes the stove, sink, and refrigerator.
  • Create a multifunctional kitchen that allows you to cook, entertain, or just relax.
  • Take care of your kitchen cabinets A lack of storage can be a problem for any home cook.

Planning for plenty of storage in your kitchen will help you avoid a messy and frustrating experience. Upper cabinets maximize vertical space. To keep things organized, make sure to include storage solutions such as dividers or pull-outs.

Are you unsure about the best storage options for your kitchen? You can find excellent kitchen renovation Auckland Guidelines right here.

For more ideas on kitchen design, check out our Inspiration Gallery

Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinets to Fit Your Remodel.

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