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Installing PVC curtains can help you save money and improve the productivity of your business. You can save money by making these modifications to an entrance. They will also allow you to better control the temperature in your office, increase productivity, and improve safety.

What are PVC Strip Curtains?

Translucent, flexible plastic strip curtains can be used to cover any doorway. They are a great way to add a barrier or replace faulty doors. These plastic strip curtain have several benefits. The strip door curtains are more flexible than standard doors and allow you to drive or walk through them with ease. They are transparent and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries to employees. The strip curtains are made of a flexible plastic that can be bent but is sturdy enough to last for a long period and maintain their shape even after heavy usage.

PVC curtain at Austcold Industries Pty Ltd:

Our online store offers a wide range of Austcold Industries Pty Ltd curtains at affordable prices. The curtains can be used in many different ways depending on the situation and placed in various locations.

Antistatic PVC Strip:

The blue plastic curtain with a textured finish controls the humidity and temperature of the room. Curtains are used in hotels, pharmacies and warehouses as barriers. They’re easy to clean and operate. These curtains provide workers with privacy while promoting workplace safety. A PVC strip curtain can be used to keep the temperature in a room cooler for longer.

Overlapping plastic strip: 

This door strip is perfect for cold temperatures. The PVC material is flexible and crack-resistant. It helps to cool and regulate the surrounding temperature. Its color helps create a relaxing environment. These are important for the construction of gates and storage.

Double-ribbed PVC Strip:

This is a strip that’s as clear as a glass, and it increases visibility. It is also more durable. These are useful in industrial workplaces as they allow for a clearer view when moving heavy machinery and gear. They reduce pollution and conserve energy. These PVC strip school curtains create a dust-free and visually pleasing atmosphere .

Anti Insect PVC strip: 

Yellow plastic strips for doors are suitable in areas with high foot traffic. The strips reduce air pollution, repel insects and attract attention while at a distance. The plastic curtains also help to reduce noise. The rounded corners make the installation of these curtains easier, and they reduce the risk of damage. The colour can help regulate the temperature in the room.

Manufacturer and supplier of PVC curtain

PVC strip curtains can be bought online in India for a low, affordable price. Our company is well-known as a PVC curtain producer and supplier, and we offer these products in India and around the world. The roll can be purchased, then cut to the desired length and installed at various locations. Our online shop offers them in a simple, easy-to-install format.

Austcold Industries Pty Ltd ‘Factory

Our factory is equipped with the latest technology to produce high-quality PVC Curtains and PVC Strips. We also offer Commercial Air Curtains. The warehouse factory is the core of our business. It’s equipped with modern equipment. To maintain a smooth flow of work, our company’s infrastructure has been dispersed across a large territory. Our different divisions use instruments and equipment that are managed by professionals.

Infrastructure is comprised of the following components:

  • Section of quality assurance
  • Unit of Research and Development
  • Unit of manufacture
  • Unit for packaging, storage and deployment.

Why Austcold Industries Pty Ltd:

  • We are able to compete with our competitors because of:
  • Excellent logistical amenities
  • Professional service is provided to consumers.
  • There are many different distribution and marketing channels.
  • Seamless customer satisfaction
  • There are many different types of industrial equipment.


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