Small Bathroom Renovations: 5 Tips to Make a Small Bathrooms More Functional


It can be difficult to fit everything into a small space. It can be difficult to find the right space for the sink, the shower and the toiletries while still managing storage. There are ways to make your small bathroom more functional.

The Small Bathroom: Maximum Functionality

Some great ideas for small bathroom renovations in Melbourne can truly transform the limited space, creating an illusion of a larger and more spacious area. The city of Melbourne is known for its numerous small bathroom renovations, and implementing these tips can contribute significantly to enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your bathroom. Whether it’s clever storage solutions, strategic lighting, or innovative design elements, focusing on small bathroom renovations in Melbourne ensures that you optimize every inch of your space for maximum utility and visual appeal.

1. Install a corner drain

The sink can take up a lot more space if it is placed across from the shower. Installing a sink in the corner outside the shower is an excellent space-saving solution. Consider a wall-mounted sink to free up space on the floor. You can also use a vanity which is only connected to the wall. This floating vanity has a lot more storage beneath.

2. The right lighting and colour

You can reduce the clutter in your bathroom by using natural light or lighter colors. You can try to get some natural light into your bathroom. Install a skylight if your bathroom does not have an exterior window.

Selecting the right colour can also create the illusion of space. Pale colours like pastels and off-whites will reflect light and brighten up the bathroom. Avoid dark colors and heavy patterns if you plan to wallpaper your bathroom. Choose a white or pale background wallpaper with soft wall designs.

3. Close Coupled Toilets

It is the best way to save space and make it more functional by choosing wall-hung toilets. The cistern and plumbing are cleverly hidden behind the wall, and the toilet is raised off the ground. This idea can be implemented by bathroom builders in Melbourne.

4. Shower Area

If you have a small bathroom and can’t use a glass enclosure, consider using a curtain. Shower curtains can be moved back and forth to save space. You can also increase the utility of your small bathroom by installing a walk-in. A walk-in is a compact space with a solid wall, and enough space to store vanities or bathtubs.

5. Floor space

Your bathroom will appear bigger if you find ways to make the most of your floor space. Installing wall-mounted storage units is one of the best ways to save space. For saving space, floating shelves or wall recesses for shampoo and toiletries in the shower are the best solution. To make your bathroom more functional, you can hang a towel holder on the back of the door.

The conclusion of the article is:

Renovations to a bathroom are aimed at adding more functionality into a smaller area. These design tricks can help you transform your small bathroom into an inviting space.

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