Handling and Planning a Deceased Estate Clearance


When a person passes away, they can leave behind several things. In a will, certain items could be left to friends or family. You may still be left with your home, furniture, or other items. A deceased estate clearance, especially with the assistance of estate clearance services in Melbourne, would be the best option in this situation. There are a few things to remember if you’ve never done this type of sale before.

Assessment of the Property

The property will be assessed as the first step. Someone will determine which items are part of the deceased’s estate. The value of each item will be determined by them. The log will show the item’s value and each item. The log could go even further to show which room in the house the items are going to be placed for the estate clearing. The assessment phase can last from a few days to several weeks, depending on how many items are to be cleared.

Calculating the Sale

The first step in clearing an estate is to determine if you will sell the house along with all the other items. You may have to go through several steps in probate if you plan on selling the house. This can range from drafting deeds, to having the property surveyed. You can also set a minimum price for the house. Before the sale, these figures will be discussed by the estate or probate group. You will have to decide if you are going to keep the house and determine the length of time you would like the remaining items to be sold for. Also, how you wish to own the home if you do not already.

Remove Item

Some items you may not wish to sell. You may want to donate items to charity or you might have broken or damaged items. The clearance company will help you determine what items fit into each category. The items will then be removed once this has been decided. The items that are to be donated will be sent directly to the charity you choose. Items that are to be thrown out can either go in a skip bin, or to landfills.

You can simplify the process by keeping in mind these important points. Contact your local estate sale or probate sales organization when you’re ready to start. They can set up an appointment to talk about what items are needed for the clearance. The company can schedule an appointment to evaluate and value your items. You can ask any questions you may have about the process during your first appointment.

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