Interior Painting: 7 Things to Consider Before Painting Interiors


Interior painting

Read our guide below to learn what you should do before you start painting your interiors. This will ensure that your project runs smoothly and you get the results you want.

Plan your interior painting

Talk to us about the time it will take for the painting to be completed. This will determine whether you need to order take-out or make other arrangements for sleeping. Most areas can be reached as soon as the paint dries.

Test out colours before you decide

The colours you see in the shop and online can be very different from what you see in your home. Be sure to test the colours in the light of the room before you make a decision. We work closely with Dulux colour experts to offer expert advice on colour.

The right finish for your job

It is important to choose the right finish for each room. Dulux Wash and Wear + Plus Kitchen and Bathroom, a washable paint, has been designed to resist the growth and mold on walls. Flat ceilings are best, while bedrooms require a matt washable finish. This allows you to wipe off most marks easily with a damp cloth, so that your walls look new every time you use it. We can offer expert advice on paint finishes if you’re working with a professional.

Protect non-painted areas

Clean out the space before you begin painting. Cover furniture with drop sheets and protect floors. Mask off any edges such as windows, doors or skirting. Use painter’s tape.

Make sure you are properly prepared

Smooth surfaces are essential for smooth paint finishes. It is essential to prepare the surface well before you begin painting. This involves filling in cracks and filing them, as well as cleaning the walls of dust and dust. Sanding is also necessary. The better the result, the more time you spend prepping the room.

How much paint do you need?

To determine the amount of paint you will need, use a paint calculator. We’ll calculate the cost for you if you use professionals such as 3 Colours. Deeper colours will require more paint than lighter ones. You may need to spend a little more if you are painting a highly-textured surface than one that is smooth.

Inflate the space

Before you begin painting, ensure that there is adequate ventilation. This will help speed up drying and eliminate any lingering paint smells. This is less common with low-odour, low VOC paints. Dulux 2 a low VOC and low odour paint that prevents mould growth.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to paint interiors

The amount of prep required and the type of paint you wish to use will determine how much cost. The labour costs will be higher if your walls are in poor shape and need a lot of work to create a smooth surface that a coat of paint can stick to. The labour costs for interior walls and surfaces that are in good condition and accessible are lower. They can range from $700 to $1200 per room, depending on the type of room.

Which color is best for interior surfaces?

There is no one “perfect” color for interiors. The mood you wish to create, the house type, interior painters auckland furnishings, and natural light should all be considered when choosing a color. Warm colors promote intimacy and a feeling of warmth. Cool colours can bring calm to an area. A peaceful, relaxed environment can be achieved by natural colour tones. To create a sense of space, light colours can be used. Warm colours make the space seem smaller but cozier. Our guide to choosing the right white paint color is available if you are considering using a light colour.

What is the best interior paint?

3 Colours is an accredited Dulux painter, so we naturally say that Dulux is the best brand. It all depends on the type of painting being done. Dulux Wash & wear is a strong paint that can be used on walls because it’s easy to clean. There are many sheen levels available.

Dulux offers a complete range of design options for creating texture and design effects. This includes concrete, steel, metal, stainless, chalkboard, and many other materials.

Dulux offers a ceiling range that is specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchens. Dulux Aquanamel or the Dulux Wash & Wear is often used for doors, windows, and trims. Dulux offers a Wash & wear Plus range for kitchens and bathrooms.

Dulux envirO 2 is a paint that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a low-odour, low-VOC, stain-resistant, washable and stain resistant paint that also helps to prevent mould growth.

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