The Top 7 Tile Patterns That You Must Know


You need to be aware of everything involved in a house renovation. You need to know about the tile design, pattern and texture as well as price, durability, shelf-life, and other factors.

There are many options, but it is helpful to know a little bit about each. The key to tieing your room together is knowing how to place the tiles. The wrong layout can create a chaotic feeling in your space, which will disrupt the decor and furniture. Orientbell Tiles can help you determine which pattern is most popular or best for you. Here are seven tile patterns you should know.

Floral Pattern

The most common tile design is the straight, horizontal, or herringbone. Floral tiles, once thought to be a great fir for bathroom and kitchen walls, are now being used in living rooms, bedrooms, and commercial spaces.

You can find floral patterned tiles in many sizes, colors and finishes. They are perfect for creating accent walls in your home or mixing and matching with other tiles. The design is not only striking but also soothing.

There are many options for floral patterned wall tiles. These range from Sparkle, Estilo and Sparkle. Or you can go for floor tiles with floral patterns. Inspire Art tiles has a selection of designer vitrified tiles. There are also a variety of floral-patterned tiles in the Valencia collection.

Click here to view Orientbell Tiles’ floral tile collection. You can also upload a photo of your room using the ‘See this Tile in My Room’ feature to see how it will look in your space.

3D patterns for the Win

3D tiles are also known as 3D tiles by architects and home-owners. These tiles can be printed digitally or come with 3D punches.

3D tiles used to be ceramic wall tiles that had raised 3D patterns. They created a sense of depth and texture, but were low-maintenance and durable.

The most popular tile option is becoming a part of commercial spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and accent walls. These tiles add character and style to the space. They are great for backsplashes and can be used on both floors and walls.

Orientbell Tiles offers a variety of 3D tiles to meet almost any need.

3D tiles can be customized to meet your needs.

Roman Style

French, Versailles and Roman tiles have different shapes and sizes. However, they look very well put together. This is the beauty of this pattern. The matte-finish cement look gives the grey leafy pattern, as seen in the above image, a distinct appearance that will set you apart. These tiles can also be used as accent walls in kitchens or bathrooms. Ceramic-based tiles are resistant to fire, insects, rot, and odour.

Chevron Pattern

Many people would be curious to know what a “chevron” is. Let’s simplify it. The Chevron pattern is an inverted V with each side touching the other V. The tiles appear to be laid in a zigzag style because of this. These tiles can be used as accent or highlighter tiles, and on countertops and balconies. You can use the industry’s first visualisation tool to see how these tiles look in your home. Simply click on the Product to open the “See this tile inside my room” feature. Upload an image of the tile and you can visualise it in your room.

Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern is another popular choice for homeowners. It’s not only popular for its look, but also because it’s very versatile. Herringbone pattern used to be only possible with wooden planks. However, technological advances and the evolution of designs have made it possible for tiles of different sizes to be available in herringbone pattern.

These are equal-sized rectangular pieces that are arranged in a staggered, zig-zag design. This pattern is equally at home in a parking lot or near a swimming pool. Combining the colors can create a combination of light and dark to suit your needs. There are many herringbone options available from Orientbell Tiles that are strong, durable, scratch-resistant, and visually appealing.

Brick Pattern

Bricked walls add a rustic charm to a room. It instantly makes it look colonial and gives it a cozy feel. Bricked walls are a great way to create a cozy atmosphere. Although bricked terracotta walls used to be popular with homeowners, brick tiles are now more in demand because of the variety of versatile colors and finishes that are available on the market.

Brick-patterned tiles can be used for kitchen walls, balconies, exterior walls, living rooms walls, and other areas. They are available in matte or glossy finishes and come in a range of colors from warm rust to bold blues and subtle greys.

The HDP-Elevation collection offers brick pattern tiles in a natural look.

These tiles are more economical than terracotta bricks and last longer.

Stylized Design

The stylized highlighter tiles are made with digitally printed designs. These tiles are made of vitrified or ceramic tiles and have a glossy exterior that makes them look elegant.

These tiles can be used alone or combined with lighter or darker shades to create a pattern. You can find designer tiles, also known as stylised or highlighter, in a variety of sizes and finishes. This ensures that you don’t have to limit your space. These tiles are not only great for floors, but also work well on walls. Stylized tiles can make a bold statement and amaze your guests. All stylised tiles are now available at Orientbell Tiles.

Endless Vein Pattern

Marble tiles are a very popular tile in the tile industry. However, we often hear of masons making mistakes when laying marble stones or marble tiles.

Orientbell Tile’s Endless Tiles marble tile design is innovative. It comes in four faces and, no matter which side you lay next to it, the veins and pattern will match.

Endless Onyx Blue tile is a very popular category. It is guaranteed that the veins match no matter which side of the tile is laid. This will ensure that your floors and walls are beautiful and elegant. This video will also provide more information about Endless Tiles.


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