All You Need to Know About Statuario Tiles


Statuario is a popular natural marble, loved for its white background and elegant grey veins. It adds luxury to any floor it’s laid on.

Statuario marble is expensive and needs to be cleaned every few years. It is difficult to restore the sheen once stained.

These tiles are called Statuario Tiles and look just like the natural stone. They require very little maintenance and are less expensive than natural stone.

They require less effort than natural marble and stone, and are also easier to install and maintain.

Statuario marble tiles, unlike natural stones, are cost-effective and available in various sizes to suit every space. They are also available in both vitrified bodies and ceramic ones.

How can we use them?

Statuario Tiles are versatile and can be used in a variety of areas, including the kitchen walls, living rooms, and bedrooms. They can also be used for commercial purposes, such as offices, hotels, or for other commercial uses, like office floors.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

You can use Statuario tiles in your kitchen backsplashes and on your kitchen walls. They are easy to clean and can be mopped if necessary. Its white and grey marble details make it a great choice for many spaces. They instantly lift the space.

These tiles are ideal if you want to create a minimalist and elegant bathroom. These tiles can be mixed and matched or used as-is on the bathroom walls.

Living Room

Your living room can be your canvas. You can create a masterpiece with just a few right strokes and some clever splashes of colour.

Statuario tiles have a stunning reflection that is hard to match. Your living room will appear larger and more spacious because of the illusion created by white.

It also reflects natural sunlight, which will help keep your room bright and well lit. Orientbell Tiles’ SFM Statuario white is durable and requires little maintenance. They can be laid in multiple patterns or with different highlighter tiles to enhance the area.

Statuario Marble Tiles come in multiple sizes like 300x300mm, 600x600mm & 600x1200mm. These tiles can be used in any size room, so you don’t have to worry about how much they will cost.

Shopping Mall

It can be used in your own home but can also be used in commercial settings. These are ideal for restaurants and shopping centers as they are prone to heavy foot traffic. They can be fitted in retail showrooms, which instantly reflect the bright lights and make your space appear richer and more appealing to customers.

Price Range

Orientbell tiles are very affordable to set up Statuario tiles. You can get these tiles at Rs 48 per square foot These tiles are a great deal at Rs 48 per sq. They are available in Orientbell tiles in a 300×300 mm size. You can find them in different sizes, including 600x1200mm, 800x1200mm, 800x1800mm, 800x1800mm and 1200x1200mm.

Pros Of Statuario Tiles

These tiles have many benefits, but the location where they are to be used will determine which. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of these tiles.

  • Because they are lightweight, installation is easy.
  • It is easy to maintain. It takes only a wet mop with a microfibre cloth to remove dirt. You can sometimes have them deep cleaned and resealed to prevent cracks or damage.
  • They are strong, heat-resistant, and anti-scratch. This means that you won’t have second thoughts about their usefulness in the kitchen or dining area. 
  • It is elegant and luxurious, but it’s not as expensive as one. They are very cost-effective.
  • You can either order a sample or buy online at  before you make your final decision

Types Statuario Tiles

Statuario tiles can also be purchased in a variety of finishes, just like other tiles.


Orientbell Tiles’s Statuario Tiles come in a glossy, rich finish. A glossy finish on white tiles will enhance the appearance. Glossy statuario tiles with a glossy finish have a smooth, shiny surface that shines when polished. They give off a mirror-like effect.


Because they look like an open book when installed, they are called so. This is a set of four tiles that are joined together to create a pattern. Bookmatch statuario tiles make sure that the tile’s visible sides are distinct from one another. These patterns can make any floor look elegant and designer.

Endless Statuario Tiles

Orientbell Tiles recently launched endless vein tiles that can match any tile, regardless of how it is placed. It gives the flooring a structured and uniform look. It is possible to keep the vein matching pattern. Endless Statuario Tiles are also suitable for use as wall or floor tiles. They can be used in many places, including the living room floor, bathroom walls and walls. These tiles can also be used to accent other areas. You can see how they look in your house by using the product on the Orientbell Tiles site. Upload the photos you have or use one the pre-set pictures.

Statuario tiles can be more affordable than statuario marble, and they are also much more economical. They can be installed in any room including the living room, kitchen or bathroom. The tiles make the space seem worth every penny. You can see the results in your room by using these tiles. TruLook is also available. This allows you to connect with a TruLook expert who will design your space and send the results via email.

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